Upload and store PDFs, Word, or Excel documents in your app with this template page. To add a PDF or document, click the '+' in the upper right corner of the page on the editor once you've added the page to your Yapp. 

Then, select your document either from documents previously uploaded to the app (e.g. via schedule or other documents pages) or upload a new document from your drive.  Once you upload a document it will also be available to add to a schedule page or a multi-track schedule page.

Once your document is uploaded, it will show in a list. The icon on the left will tell you what type of file it is (.PDF or .doc or .xls). You'll also see the file name. Click 'Edit' to change how you want the file name to appear in the list your users will see. If you rename the document, it will be renamed wherever this file appears.

To delete a document, simply hit the "x" in the document list on the right.

For PDF documents, you can see a preview right in the editor.  Word and Excel documents are only viewable on your mobile device and after publish. 



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