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Rich Text Content on the Documents Page

How to add rich text content as part of your documents and resources

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With our Documents page, you are able to share more than just uploads of pdfs, docs, or spreadsheets. One of the items that you can include is a Rich Text page, which is one of our most flexible pages for inserting text, photos, and videos.

Here, we'll show you how you can create a Rich Text page as part of your shared documents, links, and resources - all on the same page.

How to add a rich text page

  1. Click the "Add to List" button.

  2. Choose "Rich Text".

  3. Enter a Title and Summary, if needed. This is how the item will appear in the Documents list view, and the title and summary will also show at the top of the screen above the rich text content.

  4. Use the full range of our rich text editing capabilities to add your content.

  5. Press the “Create Rich Text” button

Editing Rich Text

Like any other item in our Documents page, you can edit a Rich Text item by clicking the "..." (three dot) menu and clicking "Edit". You will see the following screen:

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