Rich Text Editing allows you to create content from a blank screen with formatting capabilities like bold, italics and embedded hyperlinked text.

We currently support a limited set of features (with more to come!)

  • Basic Formatting: The "P" button is for regular "paragraph" formatting, while H1, H2, and H3 buttons let you format a line as a headline, a sub-headline, or a sub-sub-headline. When you have text selected, you can bold it, italicize it. You can also align text to the left, center, or right.
  • Linking: You can link to any valid url, including , tel:1118675309 and . Linking addresses to Google Maps URLs can be a great touch.
  • Lists: There are two types of list formats available: unordered, in which each item has a bullet before it, and ordered, in which each item is automatically numbered.
  • Images: Upload images and have them stretch across the entire screen or stay with your content
  • Videos: Provide Youtube and Vimeo urls to embed
  • Button Links: Sometimes you have a clear call to action for your app users. The button link makes it easy to draw attention to links you want them to tap
  • Separators: Sometime it helps to break up content. You can add a separator to you content that will match your color theme

How do I format content?

Use our rich text toolbar for adding more design and customization to your page.

To format your content, simply click the “Edit” button in the top right corner of your Rich Text Page or any page that uses our rich text feature such as the People, Schedule, and Multi-track pages.

Then use the toolbar at the bottom of the rich text area to format your text. 

You can align, bold, italicize, or create a link for your text. In addition you can create bulleted or numbered lists. However, make sure you select the text first.

Note: if you use the rich text alignment feature, all users will have to be using the latest version of the Yapp app from the device’s app store.

How do I add rich content?

Embedding content starts with clicking on our Inserter. It's the dashed line you see following around your mouse. Click it! From there, you will see the options that are available to you to add. Right now we have 4 options. Click the one you want and follow the instructions.

How to add links

  1. Select your text
  2. Click the link button in the toolbar
  3. Enter your link into the link popover
  4. Click OK

How to add buttons

How to Add Images

  1. Click the plus button on the bar that appears between content, and choose “Image.”
  2. Drag the image in or click the drop target to open the file chooser and choose an image file. (Power user tip: You can also paste images. Just find an image on the web, right click and select "Copy Image", then hover over the upload area, and press "command + v" (Mac) or "control + v" (Windows). It works with any image on your clipboard!)
  3. Wait for the upload to complete!

How to embed videos

Note: Right now we only support embedding videos from or via Let us know if there are other services you would like us to support!

  1. Grab your video URL
  2. Click the video embed button in the chooser
  3. Paste your video URL in the form
  4. Click Embed

Where can I use these rich text features?

Rich text features in our roadmap

  • Linking to other pages within your app
  • Image captions
  • Linking images to other content

Known Limitations

  • Internet Explorer 11 support is weak. We're working on this. Let us know if it's a problem for you


What other features would you like to see on our Rich Text page? Let us know here.

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