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Rich Text Editing allows you to create content from a blank screen with formatting capabilities like headers, bullets, lists, and hyperlinked text. In addition, you can insert photos, videos, page breaks, and call-to-action buttons.

Here are some of our robust rich text editing features:

  • Basic Formatting: The "P" button is for regular body "paragraph" formatting. When you have text selected, you can bold it, or italicize it. You can also align text to the left, center, or right.

  • Headers: To visually break or call out text, you can include H1, H2, and H3 headers where H1 is your primary, large headline, H2 your sub-headline, and H3 is a smaller, sub-headline.

  • Linking: You can also link to external resources or other top-level pages in your app, open up an email, call a number, or send a text message when clicking an email address or phone number.

  • Lists: There are two types of list formats available: unordered, in which each item has a bullet before it, and ordered, in which each item is automatically numbered.

  • Images: Upload images and have them stretch edge-to-edge or remain the width of the content. You can link your images as well!

  • Videos: Share Youtube and Vimeo videos by adding the URL. You can then set the video to content width (how it naturally appears) or stretched edge to edge.

  • Call-to-Action Buttons: Add links to your page in the form of a button and customize the text with your preferred "call-to-action" copy.

  • Documents: Insert PDF, Word, and Excel documents.

  • Separators: Sometimes it helps to visually break up content. You can add a separator or divider to your page which will match your color theme.

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