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Adding images to a Rich Text document
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  1. Click the plus sign + button when hovering over content, and choose “Image.”

  2. Drag the image from your local drive or folder to drop it in. Or click to open the file chooser to upload the image file. You can also bulk select images when uploading or dragging to add multiple images at once. (Power user tip: You can also paste images. Just find an image on the web, right click and select "Copy Image", then hover over the upload area, and press "command + v" (Mac) or "control + v" (Windows). It works with any image on your clipboard!)

  3. Wait for the upload to complete, then set your layout and on-tap options.

Image Layout Options:

  • Stretch edge-to-edge

  • Natural size, limited to the content width

On-Tap Actions:

  • No action on tap: We've seen so many page headings made from beautiful images. It doesn't make sense for that image to be full-screen when you tap on it, so now you can disable that!

  • Show full-screen on tap: By default, when a user taps on an image, the image will enter full-screen.

  • Follow a link on tap: Using the same powerful link creation toolbar, you can now turn an image into a link.

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