With our Documents page, you are able to share links to external resources such as your website, internal portals, Google Drive, or Office 365 files. Like Rich Text, these links can exist alongside your documents and resources - all on the same page.

Here, we'll show you how you can add external links to make it easy for your team and app users to access important and helpful resources.

  1. Click the "Add to List" button.

  2. Choose "Link".

  3. Type or paste a URL.

  4. Click "Fetch".

  5. A progress indicator will show while the system fetches available information about that link, such as the Page Title and Meta Description.

  6. Once complete, the Title and sometimes Summary will be shown, pre-filled with the fetched information. Note: If it is not shown, that means the information for that page is not readily available.

  7. Customize the Title and Summary, if needed, or to what you prefer displayed. This is how the link will appear in your app.

  8. Press the “Create Link” button.

Like any other item on our Documents page, you can edit a Link by clicking the "..." (three dot) menu and clicking "Edit". You will see the following screen:

Documents Page

Rich Text page

Rich Text Editing

Rich Text Content on the Documents Page

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