With our Documents page, you can share PDF, Word & Excel documents, important links (such as HR websites or google docs), and rich text content you create with Yapp. You can add all of these important resources on a single page, structured in a way that makes sense for your app users.

We currently allow you to add:

  • Documents: PDFs, Word docs and Excel Spreadsheets (Learn more)
  • Links: Urls to your healthcare portals, Google docs, etc (Learn more)
  • Rich Text: Your own content, authored in Yapp (Learn more)
  • Folders: Group together related content (Learn more)

Before we get into the specifics of Documents and Folders, lets review what is consistent for all types: Sorting, Searching, Editing, Moving, and Removing

How to change the sort order of documents in a folder or on the top-level

Use the Sort menu at the bottom right of the right panel list to change the sorting mode for the current folder. (Each folder has it’s own sort mode setting.) If you choose ‘Sorted Manually”, you can adjust the order of the items by clicking and dragging an item within the list.

How to quickly locate a documents page item in the Editor

The right-side panel has a search feature that will let you quickly locate a document, link, or folder anywhere in your folder hierarchy by fuzzy-match on the name or summary of the item.

If you use this search feature from within a folder, it will only search that current folder and below.

How your end users can locate documents in your app

In your published app, your end users also have a search feature available that allows them to quickly locate items from the Documents page and its subfolders. Users can access it by sliding them finger down to reveal the field above the first item.

Editing, Deleting, and Moving content already added to a page

We have a consistent "three dot menu" for everything added to this page. You can use this menu to get to a particular items Edit menu, to move an item to a folder or to remove an item from a page.

Working with Documents

You can upload PDFs (preferred), Microsoft Word or Excel files. These files will be able to be viewed and downloaded by your apps users

  1. Click the "+ Add to List" button at the top right-side panel area, and choose "Document" from the menu.
  2. Click to choose a file, or drag a file into the upload area. (Note: you can choose or drag multiple files at once if you wish.)
  3. Wait for the document to upload.

How to find and add an existing document

If you have previously uploaded a document to this app (such as a file attachment to a schedule item), you don't need to upload it again to add it to a documents page. Here's how to do it:

  1. Click the "+ Add to List" button at the top right-side panel area, and choose "Document" from the menu.
  2. Click the search field.
  3. Choose from the recently uploaded documents below or enter a search term.
  4. Click the Add button.

Editing a document's name or uploading a new version

From the right three dot menu, you can open a documents Edit screen. From here, you can:

  • Change the documents name
  • Upload a new version of the document
  • Download the original file

Working with Folders

Adding a new folder is as simple as:

  1. Click the "+ Add to List" button at the top right-side panel area, and choose "Folder" from the menu.
  2. Type a name for the folder and click the "Save Folder" button.

How to move an item into a folder

  1. From the sidebar, click the "..." (more) button for the item you want to move.
  2. In the folder tree that is displayed, select the folder you want to move the item to (or create a new folder).
  3. Click the "Move to Folder" button.

Limitations of Nested Folders

The maximum depth of nested folder currently allowed is 3. If you think that you have a use case requiring more than that, [let us know: support@yapp.us].


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