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Attaching Documents to Schedule Items

How to attach documents to schedule items via the Editor

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You can attach documents to schedule items via the Editor.  Simply:

  1. Create a new schedule item in either a Schedule or Multi-Track page

  2. At the bottom of the schedule detail page simply hit "add document"

  3. You can either choose a document already attached to a Document page OR drag/upload a new document from your drive

  4. Once you've uploaded a document to the editor, it is available for other document supported pages (i.e. schedule detail page in Schedule and Multi-Track Schedule and Documents Pages)

To delete a document added to a schedule page, simply go to "Edit" on the schedule item and hit the "x" next to the document you want to delete.  It will only delete the document from this page - not from other pages it is attached to.

When a document is uploaded to the editor, we generate a friendly name for it by default. Here is an example of how this works:

Alternatively, to rename a document once it's been uploaded, you need to rename it from the Documents page by hitting "edit" on the top right of the Documents page and updating the Name field.

You can also upload a new version of the file where you see "Upload a new version of this file." If you have the document in multiple places (e.g. on schedule pages), updating the file here in a Documents page will automatically update the file everywhere it is linked.

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