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How to list your speakers, attendees, staff and more

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For speakers, attendees, staff, VIPs, and basically anything else you can create a detailed list of, the People page is perfect

There are three scenarios where you can use this page

1. Manually build out a list of speakers
The most basic scenario is where you, the app creator, manually build out a list of people. Typically this is used for your list of speakers. You control all aspects of the content and it gets to a user's device through our normal publishing process. 

2. Allow your event attendees to create their own profile and add it themselves to the page
There are scenarios where manually controlling the list is a burden, such as maintaining a list of all of your attendees. Here you can enable our Profile Adding setting to allow folks to add a profile they create themselves to the people list. 

3. Allow People records added by you to be claimed (and changed) by your attendees
A more complicated scenario is where you want to manually populate a list, as described in scenario 1, but you do not have all the information you would like. Ideally, you could pre-populate the list and allow a user to update their own photo or contact info. With our Person Claiming setting, a user can navigate to an individual person record and "claim" it, by tapping the "This is me" button. This will replace the record you created with their profile.

This helpful article also explains how to accomplish several tasks, such as: 

  • How to add a People page

  • Adding people that you've already entered on another page

  • Changing the order of records

  • Removing people

  • Import a list of people in bulk with a CSV file

Adding a "People" page

To get started, make sure you have a people page added to your app: 

Then, hit the "+" sign in the upper right corner to add in pictures, names, titles, bios, websites, and contact info.

Adding People that you've already entered on another page

Once you've added a Person record to your app, it's available to attach on any other People page, as well as schedule items as a speaker. This way, you only have to edit the record once, and it will be updated everywhere! To learn more, check out this page.

Rearranging the people list

There are three options for sorting this page: 

  1. By last name

  2. By first name

  3. By company

  4. Manually, by dragging and dropping entries in this column.

To change the sort, click the sort option at the top left of the list in the well, as shown below:

Deleting a person

Check out that right well in the photo above. That list of people can be rearranged, and individuals can be deleted just by clicking the "..." in the right corner, then "Remove from page".

Importing a list of people in bulk with a CSV file

Have a bunch of people or list items to enter? Check out our CSV import feature

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