🚨This is a beta. There may be bugs!🚨

How to enable a dynamic attendees list:

  1. Within the Yapp Editor, create a new People Page
  2. From the page settings popover, click the "Users" option for "Who can add people to the list"
  3. Click Done
  4. When you're ready, publish your app!

How to add a profile

Make sure you are using the latest version of the Yapp Mobile App!

  1. Open your app inside of the Yapp app
  2. Navigate to the people page that has Dynamic population enabled
  3. Tap the "Add my profile" button that is floating over the tab bar at the bottom
  4. If you have yet to fill out a profile, we will automatically bring up our profile editor and give you a chance to add some details

What does the profile editor look like?

We've broken it up into 4 parts: 1. Personal info, 2. Photo, 3. Contact info, and 4. Links. Everything here is optional, so a user can choose to expose as little or as much information about themselves as they are comfortable with

Current Limitations

Since this will be an early beta test, not all the features we plan on including will be present. 

  • This dynamic profiles require that the user have an internet connection. We have plans to support offline caching of the information. 
  • Right now, there is no plans to allow you, the admin, to change an individuals profile.
  • You will need to ask support to have a profile removed. You should be able to do that on your own very soon

What we're working on

  1. Profile Claiming: This will allow you to populate the people list with the basic information you already have. Then attendees will be able to "Claim" a profile and provide more information. such as a profile photo. 

What we're considering

If any of these things are important to you, please let us know!

  • Moderation: The ability remove a profile and for a users social posts to be approved before posting
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