Sorting documents, resources, and links into folders in Yapp is easy!

To do so, simply choose to sort your items Manually or by Name at the bottom of the right-side panel list where your resources are listed.

How to change the sort order of documents in a folder or on the top-level

Use the Sort menu at the bottom of the right-side panel list to change the sorting mode for the current folder.

If you choose Sorted Manually, you can adjust the order of the items by clicking and dragging an item within the list to your preferred position.

If you choose Sorted by Name, the list will automatically be sorted by the name or title of the document, listed from A-Z, with folders listed first.

Note: Each folder has its own sort mode setting. So you can have resources in some folders sorted manually, while others are sorted by name.

Locating resources on a Documents page

Documents & Resources Page

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