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Locating resources on the Documents page

Find, search, or locate resources on the Documents page in seconds

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Searching for a specific document, link, or resource on the Documents page? You can easily find what you're looking for using our Documents page search or file search.

How to find and add an existing document in the Editor

If you have previously uploaded a document to the app (such as a file attachment to a schedule item), you don't need to upload it again to add it to a documents page.

Here's how to locate a file you've previously uploaded:

  1. Click the + Add to List button at the top right menu, and choose "Document".

  2. Click inside the search field box.

  3. Choose from the recently uploaded documents below or enter a search term.

  4. Click the Add button.

The right-side panel has a search feature that will let you quickly locate a document, link, or resource anywhere in your folder tree for that page. To do a search, type in your text in the search box or where it says "Search this page".

Our system will then search by "fuzzy-match" (where we search for files named as closely as possible to your search term), or on the summary text of the listed item.

Note: If you use this search feature from within a folder, it will only search that current folder and below.

How your app users can locate documents in your app

In your published app, your app users also have a search feature available that allows them how to quickly locate items from the Documents page and its subfolders. Users can reveal the search box by sliding their finger down on the Documents page, which will show the search box above the first resource listed.

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