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Welcome to YappStories - news, insights, and stories about life at Yapp. Here we hope you to excite & inspire you by sharing our latest features and improvements, plus our team journey, as we help you build remarkable mobile apps.

New Features πŸŽ‰

We've been cooking up something big and we just released the first stage of it. You can now add folders to your documents pages. This will allow you to consolidate many pages into one, making it easier for your users to find what they need.

To get started, navigate to your Documents page, click the big "Add to list" button on the top right and then click Folder.

This is only the beginning though! Soon you will be to add not just documents, but Links and Rich Content as well. Stay tuned for more updates.

App users in a different time zone than your app's default setting will now have this clearly labeled. This means they will be able to toggle between viewing times in their own Local time zone or the app's default time zone, by clicking the time zone header below the page's title.

As more customers are using Yapp for virtual events with people across time zones, we hope this change will help everyone log into the right place at the right time!

Lists in the Editor's right-side panel are now filterable on our People page and Documents page to help you easily find what you're looking for quickly. This provides for a much better user experience, especially when you have a lot of people or resources listed.

Other Improvements

Sign-In With Apple: On iOS, Yapp now supports Sign In With Apple.

Vimeo Recurring Events Embed: Vimeo now offers a new type of video that is a recurring livestream. The video embed algorithm for it works a little differently than on-demand videos, and Yapp now supports it properly.

Customizing Share Emails: Team members on paid account can now customize share emails. Previously, they saw a message about contacting their account owner.

Photo Viewer: Yapp for iOS now sports a streamlined and more minimalist full screen photo view for photos that are uploaded or shared on Gallery and Crowd Pics pages.

Intra-App Links: We recently added the ability to link to other pages in your app when you use Rich Text Editing. Originally, the app user jumped to that page of the app after clicking the link with no easy way to go back to the page they were just viewing. Now, there is a slide-left animation to show the linked page, and the app user can tap the back button or swipe right to go back.

Suggested YouTube Videos: Embedded YouTube videos are now set to show suggestions only from the same channel as the viewed video. Previously, it was completely up to YouTube's algorithm on what was suggested after your video ended.

Bug Fixes

  • FIXED: Freezing bug on Android devices running Chrome 69 and earlier

  • FIXED: Bug causing a second photo upload to repeat the first one

  • FIXED: Bug for embedding Vimeo recurring events

  • FIXED: Bug for embedding Vimeo recurring events

  • FIXED: Bug that prevented cover editing for newly created apps

  • FIXED: Analytics features

  • FIXED: Bug where a user viewing his or her profile from the sidebar menu would not see some fields

  • FIXED: Freezing bug when tapping a push notification with the app already open

  • FIXED: Issue where images would un-render and re-render when scrolling page

  • FIXED: Bug preventing Firefox users from setting a custom Yapp ID

  • FIXED: Video reordering bug

In Development

List Page: We have an exciting product roadmap planned including enhancing what is now called a Documents page to become a powerful tool for creating resource libraries of all types. You will be able to include links to external content (like Google Docs, internal websites, etc.), as well as include Rich Text items, leveraging all of the power of Yapp's Rich Text editor. We're also cooking up some ideas to help you easily make all this content visually rich and engaging! Get notified here when this feature becomes available.

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