How many apps do I need?
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We recommend one app per distinct audience. The best way to understand this is through examples:

  • An organization that runs 3 conferences per year with a different set of attendees at each conference should purchase a plan that allows activation of 3 apps per year.

  • A manufacturer has 6 sales regions and wants to target different communications and materials to each region's sales reps should purchase a plan that allows activation of 6 apps per year.

  • A company that gets its entire engineering organization together for 2 off-sites per year should purchase a plan allowing activation of 1 app per year, because the audience is the same for both off-sites.

The more apps you buy at once on our Core or Team plans, the more you save. Here are the details on our volume discounts.

Users with multiple events per year often ask us if they can re-use an app. The short answer is that you shouldn't do that, except in certain cases. We wrote a longer explanation about that topic here.

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