With Yapp Team, you can have one or multiple apps in your plan.  The more apps you add in bulk, the more you save.  Below you'll find a rate card for Yapp Team plans when purchased upfront:

Volume discounts are only available when you buy apps at once whether that's upfront or later in your subscription period.

Here are some examples to illustrate how Volume Pricing works:

Scenario 1:
You purchase a subscription for 10 apps upfront.  You pay $3,030 upfront

Scenario 2:
You purchase a subscription for 1 Team app upfront and then half-way through the year, you want to purchase 9 more.  You pay:

  • $599 upfront for 1 app
  •  $2,844 x 50% = $1,422 half-way through the year
  • On your renewal date, if you want to keep your 10 app plan you renew at $3,030

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