Can I Reuse My App for Multiple Events?

Helpful information about whether you should buy a one-app or multi-app plan

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Sometimes users write in to ask us whether they can use the same app for multiple events.  The answer is, it depends.  

  1. Are you ok with the audience of Event #1 having access to content from subsequent events?* 

  2. Are you ok with the audience of Event #1 getting push notifications relevant to subsequent events?

  3. Are you ok with overwriting the content from Event #1 to be relevant to subsequent events?

  4. Are you ok with analytics being commingled between your events?

If the answer to ALL of the above questions is "yes" then you can use one app for multiple events.  This is probably ok when you have the same audience for each event and don't care about that audience having access to historical content.

However, if the answer to ANY of the above questions is "no" then you are better off with our multi-app plan.  The great news about our Team's multi-app plan is that it's really affordable to add apps.  You can purchase them upfront for a bulk discount or add more apps as you go.  Our Team 2 app plan is 2x the price of Basic so you get all of the great Team features like analytics, CSV uploads, privacy settings, and unlimited admins for free.  See your pro-rated cost of upgrading here.

*Remember, the only way to wipe installs is to archive an app that does not give you an app activation back.

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