Our team plan is a great way to collaborate with team members to create your ideal event app. This guide will take you through creating a team, adding team members, deleting your teams, moving apps to a team, and more. 

With teams, multiple team members can work on a shared collection of apps. 

Depending on their role, team members can:

  • Edit the app. Currently, we suggest not simultaneously. (see the Editing with your team section of this guide for more information)

  • Add pages and content

  • View analytics and adjust privacy settings

  • Post to Social Feed pages with Admin-only posting enabled

  • Approve or reject Social Feed content when content moderation is enabled. 

To learn more about the permissions within a team read our Team Permissions and Admins Guide.

Creating a team

What’s the first step to having a team? Creating your team! With your Yapp account, you can create teams that give multiple people editing access to a group of specific Yapps. 

On your dashboard, right under the orange create button, you will see a button to create a new team. 

  1. Click on "Create Team".

  2. Name your team when you see the "Create a New Team" pop-up.

  3. Select the blue "Create Team" button to finalize this team's creation. 

Your team is now created and you have been redirected to your Team's dashboard. 

Where can I find my teams? 

Your teams are located in the dropdown menu next to the Yapp logo on the far left side of your dashboard. 

Inviting people to your team

You can add members to your team by following these instructions.

Moving an app to a team

If you started creating an app for your team before team members were added, you can move it from your My Yapps dashboard into whichever team it should be a part of.

  1. Find the app you'd like to transfer and click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the app's card. 

  2. From the drop-down list, click 'Move Yapp'. 

  3. Select the team you want to move the app to when you see the pop-up.

  4. Click Move. 

  5. Your app is now in your Team dashboard.

If you've already invited members to your Team, they'll now have access to this app.

Editing with your team

Please note: multiple administrator editing does not work like Google Docs, which allows multiple people to safely edit simultaneously and immediately see their changes. 

We hope to make it more flexible in the future, but for now, be careful when you're editing at the same time not to edit content in the same area of the app. Otherwise, work might be lost.

If multiple members will be working on the app simultaneously, we recommend assigning specific pages to each team member. That way there is no overlap of work so you have a lesser chance of work being lost.

Removing an app from a team

There are a couple of ways to remove an app from a team. 

  1. You can move your app to another team or your own dashboard by following the steps under “Moving an app to a team” in this article. 

  2. You can archive an app. This removes an app from your dashboard and from users’ devices. After archiving an app you have the option to permanently delete an app

Deleting a team

Note: If you need to delete a team, you must first make sure that all apps within this team have been archived

  1. Select the team you wish to delete.

  2. Click “Manage Team”.

  3. Under the team photo select “Delete Team”. You will be prompted to confirm that you want to permanently delete this team.

This guide was made to help you work through most situations i.e. creating a team, deleting a team, and most options in between! If you need guidance with your specific app(s), team(s), or have other general questions, contact us at support@yapp.us

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