Now that you’ve created a team, we want to ensure you understand the roles within teams!

There are three primary roles:

  • Team Owner (aka the creator)

  • Team Members (those invited to a team)

  • App Users (those invited to use your app)

The Team Owner has different permissions than the Team Member(s). 

Our infographic below showcases the differences in permissions between the Team Owner, Team Members, and App Users. 

Team members just need to log in to the app with the email address and password used on their connected Yapp account, and they will have access to admin-restricted pages.

Admins are assigned by teams, not by specific apps. If you want an app to have a different set of admins, you'll have to create a new team and move the app into that team. Then, invite the new admins to that team. Within one team, you can't have different admins for different apps. All admins are set by team.

Please note: Only the Account Owner can, activate apps, manage account payment including upgrading the team account, archive active apps, and receive important account-related communication.


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