Adding a member to a team
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Note: You need to be the team admin to invite other team members

Go to your team's dashboard so you can invite others to your team.

  1. Navigate to your team.

  2. Select "Manage Team".

  3. Click "Invite Members".

  4. In the pop-up that appears, enter your team member’s email addresses (separated by commas).

  5. Choose the role for all the members added at that time. Learn more about the different roles on this page.

  6. Click "Send".

The invitation email will read:

[Owner's name] would like you to help [moderate/edit/administrate] apps for the team [Team Name].

If you have a team photo, it will show in the email and will include a link to get them started as a member of your Team by signing up for Yapp (if they haven't already), or automatically adding them to your team.

The “From” name and email address will reflect the Owner.

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