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Your Yapp plan will automatically renew a year after your subscription begins unless you turn auto-renew off. If your plan has recently renewed chances are you are seeing a page similar to the screen below:

The first time you log in to Yapp after your renewal, you will see this interface to help you choose your apps for the year. Before we dive into renewing your apps, let's cover your options and what they mean. 

*Remember app activations are for an entire billing cycle (one year from date of original plan purchase), once you activate an app you have used one of your available apps for that entire cycle.*

Extending - This is the option you’ll want to choose for any past apps that you want to have available all year long. This uses one of your app activations for the current billing cycle. For example, if you have a three app plan and decide to extend one app for the current billing cycle, then you will then have two available app credits for your current billing cycle. 

  1. Decide which apps you want to extend.

  2. Make sure the slider (see the image below) is green. This indicates that the app has been extended.

   3. Enjoy, edit, and share your extended app!

Archiving - This removes the app from all devices it was downloaded on and frees up an app activation for your next billing cycle. 

  1. Decide which apps will be archived. (These are any apps you do not plan to use again.) If you want to use the same layout, archive your app first and see repurposing an app template below.

  2. Make sure the slider (see image below) is red. This indicates that the app has been archived.

   3. Enjoy creating new apps with your current app activations!

Repurposing an app template

If you need the same layout of an app for next year, follow these steps: 

  1. Archive the app or apps first.

  2. Visit your archived apps section on your account page, and clone your app(s). To read more about cloning apps, click here.

  3. You can then make changes to your app as you wish!




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