When you archive an app:

  • It is moved from to a dedicated Archive (more information below)
  • It is removed from all devices it was installed on

Archiving an app does NOT:

  • Clear up your app activation. When you activate an app, it's considered active for your current billing cycle. The activation will become available again if you renew.

How to archive an app

To archive an app, click the gear icon in the card on your dashboard.

The app will then move to the Archived section, which you can access by clicking "Archive" in the sub-navigation at the top of your dashboard.

There, you can see all the apps you've archived. You can use the Restore to Dashboard button to unarchive the app as a demo app. You can also use the gear menu to clone the app.

Archiving an app does not give you an extra slot to activate another app.  Read more about how plan limits work.

Note that each team dashboard has its own Archive section, in addition to your personal dashboard having an Archive section.


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