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Migration from News Feed, Feed, and legacy Crowd Pics to Social Feed template page
Migration from News Feed, Feed, and legacy Crowd Pics to Social Feed template page
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Yapp relies on template pages to build apps efficiently and quickly. In 2016, we added the News Feed, Feed, and Crowd Pics template pages to allow communication with push notifications. In 2020 we added the Social Feed template page which offers an improved experience with more granular controls to replace News Feed, Feed, and Crowd Pics pages.

On April 30th, 2024, support for pages relying on the News Feed, Feed, and Crowd Pics templates pages will end.

After April 30th, 2024, pages based on these templates will display no content in

  • the mobile app.

  • the web preview.

  • the editor.

It won't be possible to add a post, like, or comment from the mobile app on such a page.

You'll still be able to export media and content from the dashboard.

Social Feed and Announcements pages will continue to work and are the recommended replacement.

How to know if a page will need to be migrated?

Pages requiring to be migrated have a red triangle.

Once the page is selected, it will show a message to help with the migration

Messages on the old page will not be migrated to the new page. If you want to keep a record of them, you'll need to use the Export tool.

How do I migrate?

If you need to keep communicating with the mobile users of the app, the recommended migration path is:

  1. Add a new Social Feed page.

  2. Configure the new Social Feed page as wanted.

  3. Move the new page next to where the current deprecated page is

  4. Mark the old page as hidden. If you want its content to still be available until January 31st, skip this step

  5. Publish the app

Clicking on the Convert to Social Feed will execute steps 1 to 4. You'll still need to publish the app to reflect the changes.

If you don't need the page anymore:

  1. Mark the page as hidden

  2. Publish the app

  3. Export its content and media if desired.

  4. Once the content is exported, you can safely delete the page.

Learn more about Social Feed pages.

If you have more questions, chat or email support.

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