Social feed is like your own private Facebook right inside of Yapp.  Post your own picture or update or like and comment on others' posts. Below, are some things to know about the Social Feed page type on your phone:

  • To post, like, or comment, a user will need to identify themselves. In order to do so, when first trying to post they will be asked to sign up or login to a Yapp account.*
  • Users of your social feed page can edit or delete their own posts and comments.  
  • As the app admin, you can also moderate your feed by deleting other users' posts and comments. Make sure you are signed in as the app's creator on your mobile device.  If you are on a Team plan, you and your admins can also approve or reject posts before they show up in the feed.  Read more about Social Feed Moderation.
  • If a user has their push notifications set to "All", the user will receive the following notifications for Social Feed: (i) When another user posts a comment; (ii) when another user likes or comments on your post; (iii) when another user likes or comments on a post you have commented on.  
  • Please note - if your user's notification settings on their phone are turned to Creator Only or None, user will not get any notifications for the Social Feed page type.   

Social Feed in the Editor:

To add Social Feed to your app, simply go to "Add Page" in the Editor and choose the Social Feed page type.

Please note that you can only post and moderate a Social Feed page from your mobile device currently.

Social Feed on the Dashboard:

Social feed posts can be exported as part of our Content Export features, and activity on your Social Feed page(s) is captured as part of the app's analytics.

*We do not email or share your users contact information with anyone.  This procedure is solely for users to use their real identities when posting to your app.

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