Whenever a user posts into the News Feed, Crowd Pics, or Social Feed page, a notification is automatically sent to all who have downloaded the app. A user of your Yapp can change these settings here.  

You can decide on the default push notifications setting for your app on the settings & privacy section of the app, accessible through the gear icon.

If you're using the admin-only news feed toggle the only posts allowed are from you, the creator, when you're logged in to the app

Want to broadcast a specific message?

App owners or team members can also broadcast any items from their News Feed page as a push notification to their attendees from their mobile device. In order to do so, the owner or team member should be logged into Yapp on their device.

Once you have signed in, go to the News Feed page on the app you have created. Tap on the "more" menu on the entry you want to send out to your users, then tap 'Broadcast'.

The notification will show up on the home or lock screen of a users' phone, just like other notifications.


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