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Can I send a message, reminder or push notification to all of my guests?
Can I send a message, reminder or push notification to all of my guests?
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Yes, you can! Whenever someone posts to a Social Feed page, comments on a post, or likes a post, Yapp will send notifications to those users who have enabled notifications. The default notification settings that you set and the user's preferred settings determine who receives each notification.

How do I send important messages using push notifications?

We understand this is incredibly useful for notifying attendees about important, up-to-the-minute information. 

For a turnkey solution you can add an Announcements Page from the editor to make things clear for your users. As long as their push notifications are on your posts from this page will show up on the home or lock screen of a users' phone, just like other notifications:

Alternatively if you would like more flexibility, see how push notifications can be configured using our Social Feed Page.

Push notifications can be scheduled by scheduling your social feed posts.

Settings regarding push notifications

You can decide on the default push notifications settings for each Social Feed page within your app.

A user can decide to limit their push notification through their own device settings, so it is possible that not every user will receive your pushes. We suggest reminding users to keep their notifications on for the most important notifications. 

Note: you can only post to the news feed from your mobile device, and it can't be done from a desktop at this time. We hope to improve this in the future.

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