There are several different actions that produce push notifications for users who have installed your app. By default, whenever a user posts to a News Feed, Crowd Pics, or Social Feed page, a notification is automatically sent to everyone. A user of your app can change these settings as shown here and you can change the default settings as shown here.  

Want to broadcast a specific message to all everyone?

App owners or team members can also broadcast any items from their News Feed page as a push notification to their attendees from their mobile device. What we recommend is setting up an announcements page to make things clear for your users:

  1. Create a News Feed page
  2. Rename the page to "Announcements"
  3. Set it to only be an Admin Only page. This way, only folks logged in as Admins can post to it
  4. Deploy your app

Whether you just created the announcement page or have another News Feed page setup, the process of sending the push notification is as follows:

  1. From your mobile device, make sure you're logged in with your admin user account
  2. Post an announcement to the page
  3. Tap on the three dot menu "..."
  4. Tap Broadcast Feed Entry
  5. Confirm you want to notify everyone

The notification will show up on the home or lock screen of a users' phone, just like other notifications:

Note that you can only post to the news feed from your mobile device, and it can't be done from a desktop at this time. We hope to improve this in the future, including allowing you to schedule push notifications.

Settings regarding push notifications

You can decide on the default push notifications setting for your app on the settings & privacy section of the app, accessible through the gear icon.

A user can decide to limit their push notification through their on device settings, so it is possible that not every user will receive your pushes. 

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