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How does a user on mobile change their push notification settings?
How does a user on mobile change their push notification settings?
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How does a user on mobile change their push notification settings?

Whenever someone posts to a Social Feed page, comments on a post or likes a post, Yapp will send notifications to those users who have enabled notifications. The default notification settings that you set and the user's preferred settings determine who receives each notification.

This article shows how you, as an app user, can change your settings to receive the notifications you want and not the ones you don’t.

On both iOS and Android:

Open the app whose notification settings you would like to adjust and tap the menu icon in the top left corner (4 horizontal lines) to open the “sidebar.” You will see a bell icon labeled “Notifications Settings.”

When you tap “Notifications Settings,” a new section will expand with two headers or sub-sections for modifying your settings including:

  • What pages can send you push notifications?

  • Interactions with My Posts

What pages can send you push notifications? - enable or disable notifications on a per-page basis. Here, you can toggle notifications on or off for each notifications-capable page in that particular app.

Interactions with My Posts - control the default settings for posts that you personally create on a Social Feed page. Here, you can choose between being notified about Comments and Likes, Comments Only, or None. Alternatively, you can disable Interactions with My Posts to not receive any notifications by default.

Each post on a Social Feed also offers the ability for you to control the notification settings for that specific post. When you update the notification settings for a specific post, it takes precedence over your default setting. For example, if you want to be notified when someone else comments on a post you’re interested in, but not for likes, then you can choose the “comments only” setting for that post. 

  1. Click the “...” in the upper right corner of any post.

  2. Select your notification preference.

Please note, you will need to have accepted notifications from Yapp in your device’s app notification settings to receive any notifications from any of your apps in Yapp. For help changing your phone settings, see the following:

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