For customers on a Team Plan, you can turn on feed moderation if you would like to approve posts before they appear on the Social Feed page. 

To turn on moderation, simply go to the gear icon next to your Social Feed and choose "Admin must approve."  You must publish your app for the change to take effect.

When a non-admin next posts to that Social Feed page, an admin will get a push notification of the new post and can approve or reject the post.

The poster will see a pending state until the admin approves or rejects it.

When/if an admin accepts it, the post will appear as a regular post in the Social Feed.

If you have multiple admins for you app, please note that if a team member approves a post first you will see the post in the Social Feed as a regular post.  You can always delete the post if you feel the other admin approved it by mistake.  If another admin rejects a post before you do, the post will not appear in the social feed.

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