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App Privacy Settings
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You have three settings to choose from in terms of who can download your app. To access the privacy settings for an app, go to the gear menu of the app and hit "settings & privacy" and then go to "privacy settings."

You have three settings to choose from.  :

  1. Anyone with the Yapp ID (default) - anyone who has the Yapp ID for your app can install it.  Please note: we do not make this ID or your app publicly available anywhere.  You can share it as widely or as narrowly as you would like. Users who have the ID can install it and view the content without identifying or authenticating themselves. 

  2. Anyone, but require authentication first - anyone who has your Yapp ID can install the app but they will be asked to sign up or login to a Yapp account in order to install your app. This will give you the ability to see who has installed your app, see statistics (e.g. poll results or feedback) with identity of the user attached, and revoke users as needed.

  3. Only people with emails I list - only users with emails you add to a list will be allowed to download your app. Read more about viewing private apps, making apps with existing downloads private, and revoking access.

Which option to choose depends on a few considerations:

How sensitive is the information in your app?

If you have very sensitive information in your app (e.g. proprietary documents, personal information, contact numbers) then you probably want to consider the third option. 

How easy do you want the install process to be?

If you really care about adoption rate, removing any hurdles like authentication is probably important so you would consider the seamless install offered in the first option. To make it even easier, you should customize your Yapp ID.

Do you want/need to see who downloaded your app?

If you want to see exactly who downloaded your app you need to choose the second or third privacy options.

Do you need to be able to revoke access?

If you need to revoke access to your app if an employee leaves your organization or someone is posting inappropriate content, you should choose the second or third option.

If you have more questions, just chat or email support.

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