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Exporting content from your app

How to export your crowd pics, news feed, and other content from your app

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You can download content from your app for people, schedule, multi-track, social feed, announcements, sponsors, and poll type pages.ย 

On your dashboard, find the app that you'd like an export for and click the gear icon in the upper right corner.

From the dropdown, select "Content Export".

A modal will appear with a list of the exportable pages in your Yapp.

When you click the CSV download links, these pages will download to your computer as .CSV files that you can open in Excel or other spreadsheet programs. Upon opening the file, you'll see the content of the selected page.

Media download links are available for Social Feed pages. If you click a Media download link, a zip file will be generated with all the photos and videos from that page. Once the file has been generated, we will send you a message with a download link for the file. It may take a bit of time to generate the file, especially if there are a lot of posts. Every export is cached for 3 hours.

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