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How do I add a form to my app?

Gather more feedback from your attendees for your event, Q&A or session

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You can link to a form from your Yapp app.

To start, create a survey or form on the survey tool of your choice.

Here are some options but you are not limited to:

Once you have created your form, use the following steps for the easiest way to link it from your Yapp app:

  1. Add a new page to your app and select Rich Text. You can also use any Rich Text document (like in a description of a session or a person).

  2. Add a button to your new Rich Text document and enter your form URL into the Button Link

  3. Save the page and publish your app!

When users tap your survey button, they will be redirected to the form. Their response will be recorded in the tool you used to create the survey.

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