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YappStory 3.0

Get excited & inspired with our latest features and improvements.

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Welcome to our third edition of YappStories - news, insights, and stories about life and product development at Yapp. Learn what we've been up to, what's changed, and what's coming up for 2021 and beyond.

YappStories gets a name tweak

You may recall that each YappStory edition went by the month of the release. Now, we tweaked YappStories to 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 which stand for the edition, not month. We felt this change was important since we're working on bigger features with varying release dates. Therefore publishing a YappStory every month didn't really make sense for us. Plus, we want you to get value out of each story we release, rather than just releasing a story each month for the sake of getting it done.

So what do you think? Like the new YappStories name change?

Expanded FontAwesome Icons Library

There are now TWENTY TIMES the number of icons to choose from for your pages from our recently added FontAwesome icons library. This is really exciting for us, as previously we just had a handful of simple icons for your pages. However, as our customers started adding more and more pages, and getting more creative with their use of Yapp, they found the icon experience to be limiting. So we decided to expand the page thumbnail icons that you can choose from by introducing a full icons library, courtesy of FontAwesome - a widely used icons library for digital experiences.

To change the thumbnail image or icon for your page, simply click the settings icon next to your page. You'll then see the thumbnail image at the top, which you can click on to scroll through our FontAwesome icons library, or enter a search term such as "highlights", "bookmark", or "star" to find matching results.

Sunsetting Invitation and Information Pages

Our basic "Invitation" and "Information" pages have faded away as more people use our Rich Text page. This page type gives you greater control with rich text editing, which lets you add bullets, numbered lists, images, and videos - instead of only basic text, or pre-set fields like Event Name, Location, and Date.

Bug Fixes

  • FIXED: "View Sent History" screen on share email tab

  • FIXED: Bug where Share by SMS tab on the dashboard would not work when visited for the second time

  • FIXED: Bug where the post edit menu and comment edit menu icons on the Social Feed were not appearing

  • FIXED: Eventbrite import where events were not pulling in or updating

  • FIXED: Bug where lists weren’t having their App ID updated when during cloning, causing authorization errors

In Development

Resources Page: We've been working on making our Documents page more powerful, which we were previously going to call our new "List" page. However, we have found that "Resources" makes more sense for our customers. Soon, our Documents page will be called the Resources page, with visual headers and more. Stay tuned and get notified here when this feature becomes available.

Events & Webinars

Get a sneak peak of our upcoming on-demand Product Tours and webinars!

Sample Apps

View our Mobile Apps Library for sample apps to help inspire your next app.

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