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"Our event is cancelled/rescheduled due to coronavirus (covid-19). What can we do?"
"Our event is cancelled/rescheduled due to coronavirus (covid-19). What can we do?"

Yapp's policy on coronavirus-related cancellations or rescheduled events.

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We here at Yapp understand that some organizations are reasonably re-evaluating their short-term event plans in light of the covid-19 (novel coronavirus) outbreak.

Every organization is different and should be evaluating the risk profile of their geography, environment, attendee count, etc. Yapp wants to do our part to support our customers making prudent and cautious choices to benefit public health.

With this conscious choice in mind, we will work with customers to extend their subscription period at no cost when they are unable to use their purchased apps due cancelations or rescheduling due to the novel coronavirus.

If your event is cancelled or rescheduled due to public health concerns please have the account owner contact with the app(s) name, the original event date, the new event date. We will adjust your subscription end date accordingly based on your new event date. This extension will be up to an extra year in the event you have an annual event that is canceled for this year.

This policy intends to provide flexibility to ensure our customers are able to derive value from their Yapp subscription while making prudent choices for their employees, stakeholders, and the general public. Refunds are not allowed under this policy.

The team at Yapp understands that we need to get through this global challenge together and while we are passionate about empowering great conferences and events, the health and well-being of our friends, families, colleagues and fellow human beings takes priority. If you have any additional questions about our policy or would like to request an adjustment to your account under this policy, please contact us at Stay safe and healthy!

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