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Volume Pricing

Save big on buying multiple mobile apps with our Volume pricing

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With Yapp Basic, Core, or Team, you can have one or multiple apps in your plan.  The Core and Team plans offer bulk pricing discounts. The more apps you add in bulk, the more you save.  Below you'll find a rate card for our plans with our Volume discount when purchased upfront.

Volume discounts are only available when you buy apps at once. Alternatively, you can add on apps at a fixed price.

For example, if you purchase on a Team plan 6 mobile apps upfront, the cost is $3,336 for the year by locking in our Volume discount when you buy all 6 apps at once.

Alternatively, if you decide to purchase 3 apps now and then 3 apps six months into your billing period, the cost will be $1,899 for the 3 apps upfront. Then $1,899 for adding 3 more apps halfway into your billing period, making the total cost $3,798.

Therefore, by locking in our Volume discount upfront, you save $462 for 6 apps.

Here is what our Volume mobile app pricing looks like when you lock in our discount pricing up front:

Interested in more than 10 apps or wondering how our Volume pricing works?

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