A Yapp plan refers to a paid subscription plan a customer is on to create and edit mobile event and team apps. Our current plans can be seen at http://yapp.us/pricing.  

The below details the plans and links to more details.  To check which plan you are on, you can see the plan name on the top left of your interface or on your Yapp Account Plan page. 

Current Yapp Plans

Yapp Basic is our entry level plan and offers users the ability to add all of Yapp's app related features to their app.  

Yapp Core has all of the features of Basic plus the ability to bulk import content via .csv, set privacy settings on their app, and see usage statistics via Advanced Analytics.

Yapp Team has all of the features of Core plus the ability to add others to your Team to help edit and create apps. It also allow you to add additional apps to your plan for a pro-rated amount or at volume discounts if you buys several at once.

Legacy Yapp Plans

Legacy plans refer to plans offered before December 1, 2016. They are no longer available for first time purchase.  However, if you are on a Solo, Multi, or Team plans and want to upgrade to another of those plans you can do so until the end of the year.  If you are on a legacy plan and happy with your plan, you will be grandfathered into that plan and price you purchased it at.

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