In November 2016 we announced new plans . This article addresses some Frequently Asked Questions about our plan changes. For an overview of our legacy and new plan names, see About Plan Types

I’m an existing customer. How do the plan changes affect me?
If you are a current customer and happy with your current plan, nothing changes. Your existing plan and price will remain the same.  

Can I upgrade or downgrade to a legacy plan rather than switching to the new plans?
While all customers can keep their current plan, you will need to move to one of our new plans if you choose to upgrade or downgrade your plan.

When I come up for renewal, will I be able to stay on my existing plan?
As long as your payment method is current and your auto-renew is set to "on" when your plan comes up for renewal, you will renew at your original subscription price.

Why do I no longer have access to the .csv upload feature:
When we launched .csv uploads in beta, we had noted that this feature might not be available in certain plans.  If you are a Solo user, your plan does not include .csv uploads.  We are giving you an extended trial of this feature until 12/31/16.

Is there a benefit to moving to new plans?

If you are currently a Solo user, you may want to upgrade to a Core plan to be able to add .csv uploads to your account or to a Team plan to add administrators or more apps.   

If you are a legacy Multi user, you may want to add more administrators or more apps to your account by upgrading to a new Team plan.  

If you are a legacy Team user and want to add more apps to your subscription, you can do so via our new Team plan. 

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