During your trial, you’ll be able to create and share as many Demo Apps as you’d like. Demo Apps can have unlimited pages and you can use almost all the features to add content and customize the pages.* Each demo app has a 10 app install limit. Once a demo app reaches 10 installs, anyone trying to add your app will be unable to do so. It will not affect anyone who already has the app on their device.

After your trial ends, you can choose from one of our paid plans to upgrade your account. Your apps will be automatically archived if you don’t upgrade. If you decide to upgrade after your trial, you can choose a plan and reactivate one, three or ten of your apps depending on the plan you choose.

How long is the trial.

Your trial is 14 days from when you first sign up. If you have a legitimate need for a longer trial, you can contact us.

After the free trial, what does your service cost?

Our plans start at $399 and include one year of app hosting. Check out our pricing page for a more detailed comparison of our plans and to choose one that's right for you. 

*You cannot customize URLs or add Twitter Hashtags in Demo Apps.

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