If you have a lot of sessions, people, or sponsors to enter, you can save time by uploading data from a .csv via our “Import from CSV” tool.*

Look for the .csv button on the bottom right of People, Sponsor, Schedule, and Multi-Track Pages.  

To ensure the smoothest experience, download one of the templates enclosed here:

If you're using Safari, you may need to hold the control key, click the link, and select "Download Linked File"

You can see a quick video of how this feature works:

Some notes on how to have the smoothest experience with this feature:

  1. Make sure the file you are uploading from is a .csv (to save an excel file as a .csv, just hit save as and choose .csv for the format).

  2. Make sure date format is mm/dd/yyyy and time format is hh:mm AM/PM

  3. If you are using a People or Sponsor template and want to include photos, make sure the URL is something that is publicly accessible (e.g. if you paste the link into an incognito browser, you can see it)

  4. Attaching documents to schedule items is not available via the bulk upload tool.  Bulk upload your sessions and then manually attach the necessary documents.

  5. Attaching people to schedule items is possible via the bulk upload tool, but it is a little more complicated. In order for it to work, you must first import the people using our bulk upload tool. When you import the people, you must provide and map a "Unique ID" field, like it sounds must be different for each person you import. Then, when you import your schedule or mutlitrack CSV, you can provide and map a "People IDs" column. The value of this column should be the person's Unique ID you provided with the people import. To attach multiple people, include more than one ID, separated by a comma. Attached people will appear under the "Speakers" section of the schedule item.

If you have questions, please chat with us here or email support@yapp.us

* This is a feature is only available during the trial and when you are subscribed to certain plans. See http://yapp.us/pricing and look for "bulk content upload." 

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