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Attaching People to Schedule Items (CSV import)
Attaching People to Schedule Items (CSV import)

How to attach speakers to schedule items via the CSV import

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You can attach people (e.g. speakers) to schedule items via the CSV import so that your attendees can see their profiles with a simple tap.

To add speakers to your schedule item:

  1. Import the People using the CSV import and you must provide a "Unique ID" field, like it sounds must be different for each person you import.

  2. Import your schedule or multitrack CSV, you can provide and map a "People IDs" column. The value of this column should be the person's Unique ID you provided with the people import. To attach multiple people, include more than one ID, separated by a comma.

The attached people will appear under the "Speakers" section of the schedule item.

Example with a sample of the Conference demo app

  • People page

  • Multi-Track page

It is possible to use a formula to automatically populate the Unique ID in the CSV file for People.

Formula example for Google Sheets when there are no homonyms:


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