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Create a Custom Cover or Yapp App Icon

Brand your mobile app with a Custom Cover design or Yapp app icon

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Want more control over your brand including the icon someone sees after opening up the Yapp app? Then we recommend creating a Custom Cover design.

First, you'll need to design your image to these recommended specifications:

  • 640px Width by 920px Height - for the best image rendering experience

  • .PNG image file type - for the highest quality image pixels on the web

You can also create your image as a .JPG or .JPEG file.

Some image creation tools that we have found helpful include:

  • Canva - free and paid template-based design tool for mobile & web

  • Photopea - free web-based design tool similar to Photoshop

  • Adobe Photoshop - paid desktop-based design tool

Uploading a Custom Cover

To add a custom cover for branding your Yapp app, here's what to do:

  1. Log into your Yapp account to access our app Editor.

  2. Click the "Add a Custom Cover" button on the right side of the cover editor.

  3. Upload your custom cover design and voila!

Note: We will scale any custom cover images to the correct dimensions if it can be done without distortion. However, images that are exactly 640 pixels width by 920 pixels height will yield the best results.

Custom Covers vs Standard Covers

Custom Covers allow you to have more control over your brand by letting you upload an image for the cover or app icon someone sees after opening up the Yapp app.

Here are some examples of a Custom Cover:

Standard Covers let you quickly create and publish an app without the need for design skills. Simply enter your text and upload an image such as your logo, which will be displayed inside a Round or Square container.

Here are some examples of a Standard Cover:

Switching Back to a Standard Cover

If at any point you want to return to the standard cover, click 'back to Standard Cover' under the 'Edit Custom Cover' button.  

NOTE: switching back to a Standard Cover will override your Custom Cover.  To re-upload the cover, follow the "Uploading a Custom Cover" steps again.

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