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Will my app have its own icon on users' phones?
Will my app have its own icon on users' phones?

Can the yapp app icon be customized or personalized?

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Short answer is: no

Apps created on the Yapp platform are instantly published to Yapp mobile. 

In the app store, you can find Yapp -- an app that we developed, update, improve, QA, and maintain on the iOS and Android app stores. Yapp hosts all the apps you created and are invited to.

If you're an app creator and logged into Yapp on your mobile device, all the apps you've created will appear. 

If you are invited to a Yapp, you will be given an app ID or URL and once you enter the ID or tap the URL, your app will appear inside of Yapp.  Learn more about viewing apps on your mobile device. [link]

Why do we do it this way?

  1. Instant publish - apps created with Yapp are published instantly.  Changes made to those apps are also updated instantly on users' devices.  No waiting for app store approvals.

  2. Ease of use - this just makes things very simply. You get all the great native functionality of mobile devices without the hassle of thinking about marketing assets, screen resolution, form factors, and more.

  3. Affordability - when we add new features to Yapp or update the platform for new Operating Systems and devices, we updated all the hundreds of thousands of apps on our platform instead of hundreds of thousands of stand-alone apps that need to be re-compiled and re-submitted.  This helps us scale and we pass the cost savings on to you.  That is why Yapp is the most affordable, full-feature event app platform out there!

  4. Privacy - No one can search for or find your app unless you want them to.  Our App IDs aren't published anymore or put into a directory. They are only available to those people you share them with.

  5.  No benefit from the app store - with over 2 Million apps in the app store, no one will ever find your app anyway except those who you share it with.  So while having your app on the app store might be alluring, there is no ROI in having it there for the vast majority of internal and external events

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