If you had originally signed up for Yapp prior to October 2015 and subscribed to a paid plan prior to June, 2016 you were on a legacy plan known as Plus. In June of 2016, we transitioned legacy Plus plans to Solo, Multi, and Team Plans. Below are the answers to FAQs about the change:


What is my plan called now?

Mini is now Yapp Solo and allows for 1 activated app per year

Plus is now Yapp Multi and allows for up to 3 activated apps per year

Team Plus is now Team and allows for 8-10 apps per year and multiple administrators


Are there any changes to my Plus apps with this change?

Not substantively. Your apps have the same exact features as you previously had access to, including everything previously designated as a Plus feature. However, there are no more Plus symbols designating which features are plus or not. All your apps have access to all of the features in your Yapp plan.


Are there any changes to how my plan works?

There are three aspects of your how your plan works that have changed: (1) non plus and demo apps; (2) how archiving and active app count works; and (3) how Custom Yapp IDs are renewed. See below for an explanation of each one.


What happens to my non-Plus apps?

We have discontinued free apps throughout our whole system. Apps that were previously free and not made Plus have been converted to Demo apps with unlimited installs and access to all of the Yapp features including those previously marked as Plus. They will not count towards your plan's app limit and as long as your plan is active, new people can install these apps. You will no longer be able to create new free apps but can create an unlimited number of new Demo apps. Read more about Demo apps.


How have active apps and archiving apps changed?

There was previously a quirk in our system where archiving an app increased your plan's app count. We have fixed this. When you activate a Demo app it still counts towards your plan's app count but archiving will no longer change the count. You will still have the number of apps your purchased in your plan.


How have Custom Yapp IDs changed?

Your Custom ID is now attached to your app. If you archive an app, the ID gets archived with it. You can also change a Custom ID anytime if your app is activated. There are no more stand alone Yapp ID renewals. Your ID renews with your plan. 


Why did you make this change?

On June 13, we announced the sunset of our Yapp Basic plans and apps. To avoid undue complexity (which usually causes extra bugs and issues), we wanted to get every paid user onto a system that works the same across users.


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