Our editor will do it's best with any size image that you throw at it, but for the most control, uploading an image that is square and at least 500px by 500px will give you the most control and highest quality results.

An exception is our Sponsors pages, which are designed to work well with logo images. Ideally, you will get logos on a white background of at least 500px wide, but again our editor will do its best to make your app look great .

When editing images to optimally fit: 

  • Do NOT use Microsoft Word or Paint. If you don't have a photo editing software like Photoshop or Sketch (or free tools mentioned below).
  • Resize the canvas of your image rather than the image itself to preserve image quality.

There are free tools you can use to resize images. Below are 2 recommendations.

Pixlr (great for adjusting the size for 1  image quickly)

Canva (great for resizing multiple images)

  1. Create a free account.
  2. Once you're in, on the top right click on "Use custom dimensions".
  3. Enter 500 for the width and height.
  4. Click on "Design!" 
  5. On the left panel, click on "Uploads".
  6. Upload the image(s) you'd like to resize. 
  7. Drag the image to the page on the right and move it in the center. You may need to make it smaller/larger as needed.
  8. Optional: You can add additional pages by clicking on the copy icon to the right of the page underneath "1". Each image goes on it's own page. 
  9. Click on "Download" on the top and be sure to export the image(s) as individual png files you can upload to your Yapp app. 

Please note that we currently don't support animated .gifs.

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