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User-added profiles on a People page

Let attendees add their profile to a page

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This option allows mobile users to add their profile to a People page.

It is usually best suited when the organizer doesn't have the full list of people to add or when updating contacts (such as updating job titles, bios, and photos) is a burden.

It is usually not recommended to simultaneously enable profile adding and person claiming. If both options are enabled, it is possible to have duplicate entries for the same person.

Mobile users are required to create a free Yapp account to add their profiles.

How to enable profile adding:

  1. Within the Yapp Editor, create a new People Page or go to an existing one

  2. Click the gear or Settings icon next to the page name

  3. From the page settings popover, click "Add their own profile"

  4. When you're ready, publish your app!

How can a mobile user add a profile

Mobile users can add their profile from the mobile app by following this guide.

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