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How to Create a Donations Page in Yapp with Eventbrite
How to Create a Donations Page in Yapp with Eventbrite

Collect donations and contributions right from your Yapp

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Using our Tickets page which integrates with Eventbrite, you are able to create a page for collecting donations and selling tickets right from your Yapp app. 

To create a tickets or donations page, start by adding a "Tickets" page.

Next, click the "Add Tickets" button on the right-side panel.

You'll then have the option to name your page "Tickets" or you can change the page name to something else, such as "Donations". (Note, if your app is live and you don't yet want your users to see the page, you can always select the checkbox that says "Hidden" below the page name.)

Now that you have created your page, you'll want to connect Eventbrite so you can create your Donation ticket type for collecting contributions. To do this, click the "Login" or "Sign Up" link on the top right-side panel to sync your Eventbrite account.

After connecting your Eventbrite account, you'll see the option to choose your event which includes your donation ticket type, or you can create a new event.

If you are creating a new event, you'll want to begin adding your "Event Details" including your "Event Title", location, and date within Eventbrite.

Next, create a "Donation" ticket type by clicking on the donation button in Eventbrite. Then name your ticket type "Donation", or your preferred title for contributions, and set the currency and country in which you will be paid.

Finally, select your "Additional Settings" such as keeping the page private so it stays hidden while you are working on it.

Now that your Eventbrite is set up to collect donations, return to the Yapp app to select your event. (Note: if you don't see your event or updated event name, refresh your screen, and if prompted, log in again to sync your Eventbrite account.)

Once you see your event name in Yapp, click on the "Import" button to sync your Eventbrite event with your Yapp app.

After clicking the import button, you'll now see your Eventbrite event details in Yapp, which you can edit directly within Yapp.

To collect donations, let your users know that they can now go to your "Donations" or "Tickets" page in your event app, and click the "Register" button to purchase tickets or show you love by donating to your cause. ♥️

Once they click the Register button, they'll then be redirect to your Eventbrite page where they can select the "Tickets" button to purchase a ticket or provide a donation.

After clicking the Tickets button, attendees and donors can then enter in a custom donation amount and checkout.

Note: if you plan on collecting donations AND selling tickets, then we recommend you name your Yapp ticket page "Tickets" instead of Donations, so that it's clear to your app users that they can purchase both.

To change your page name, click the Settings icon next to your "Donations" page in the left-hand navigation menu.

Then re-name your page to "Tickets" and click save. You'll notice that the left-hand navigation menu item and the app page title are changed to Tickets.

To add paid tickets in addition to donations, return to Eventbrite to edit your event and this time click the "Paid Ticket" button. Then name your ticket, such as "General Admission" and add the quantity and ticket price. Then click Save.

Now that you're set up to sell paid tickets, return to Yapp and refresh your screen. (If prompted, log in again to sync your Eventbrite account, and click the Import button.) Next, click the Register button where you will be redirect to Eventbrite.

You'll now notice that the ticket amount is reflected on the Eventbrite page above the Tickets button, instead of the word "Donation".

When users click on "Tickets" they'll then see the option to purchase regular tickets as well as provide a custom donation amount. 

Congrats!!! 🎉 Your Yapp users can now purchase tickets and provide donations directly from your event app.

Questions or need help setting up your tickets and donations page? Ask us anything by starting a chat with us, or email us at

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