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Issues related to increased default font sizes when using Yapp on iOS and Android devices
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Yapp does not always display correctly if the default font size on a mobile device is increased. We realize that this can result in a diminished experience for users with visual impairments that require larger text to use their device. We are constantly working to make our Yapp more accessible for all users, and this is one of the areas where we are working to improve.

Until we can complete and rollout such improvements, in some cases, the following page types will display enlarged text incorrectly:

  • Schedule & Multi-track

  • People

  • Documents

On an iOS device, the following setting is our largest recommended font size setting for using Yapp. You can access it by going to Settings β†’ Accessibility β†’ Display and Text Size β†’ Larger Text:

Note that each time you modify the device's font size, you will have to force quit and restart Yapp for it to take effect.

On Android, the way to change font sizes and the effects on Yapp are more variable, so if you are experiences text display issues, you may have to experiment to find a font size that works well with your device.

Are you having troubles caused by different font sizes that are not listed here? Please let us know by emailing!

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