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Images or PDFs won't upload

Diagnosing firewall errrors when behind a corporate firewall

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If you are working on an office, work, or school network, firewalls are often in place to provide additional security. If you are behind a one of these corporate firewalls, you may run into an error like this:

"Could not connect to upload server ( This may be because you're behind a firewall. Try again on a different internet connection."

Diagnosing the issue

The first step is to open this link in your browser: 

If everything is working, you should see something like this:


If something is wrong, you will most likely see one of two errors:

  1. This site can’t be reached

  2. The site cannot be trusted

This site can’t be reached

To resolve this issue, you will need to ask your IT department to allow access to our file upload provider, TransloadIt. Here is a sample email you can send:

Dear IT Department,

In order to properly use one of our service providers, Yapp, we need to request that a firewall be opened for:

Ports: 80, 443

Your organization may have its own process for requesting this kind of network change.

The site cannot be trusted

If you are receiving certificate errors, there is likely something special about how your machine is configured. Please contact us so we can help resolve the issue!

If you're not seeing any of the errors above and are still having issues, please contact support using the chat widget in the lower right!

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