Yapp Multi is our plan for users in need of multiple apps.  

What do you get?

This plan provides subscribers with:

  • 3 apps*

  • Unlimited installs for each app

  • Custom Yapp ID

  • Custom Theme Colors

  • Custom Cover Uploads

  • Unlimited number of pages

  • Unlimited push notifications

  • Admin only posting options

  • Ability to export your app's content

  • Unlimited app cloning

  • 1 year of hosting

...plus much more for three apps. All other apps created in that account during the subscription period will be demo apps.

If you want to create another active app or make one of your demo apps active, you'll have to upgrade to a team plan or archive the one you've already made.


What does it cost?

This plan costs $799 for 3 apps.


Check out our pricing page for a more detailed comparison.

  • 3 active apps within the calendar year.  

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