How do I delete posts?

How to delete posts or images others have posted to your app from a social feed, news feed, or crowd pics type page

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Having a Social Feed and/or Crowd Pics page is a great way to create a collaborative space for your guests. But, in case something troublesome is posted in the feed (whether it's an autocorrect disaster or a questionable photo) we've made it possible for you delete and moderate entries.

Social Feed/ News Feed
All admins can easily remove entries in three quick taps.

  1. Tap the "more" button for the item in question

  2. Tap "Delete" in the menu that appears (the broadcast button allows you to create a Push notification).

  3. Hit the confirmation button, and the post will be removed from everyone’s phone the next time they look at their newsfeed.

Crowd Pics

  1. Hit the three dots on the top right of a photo

  2. Hit "Delete" in the slide up menu that appears

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