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When does my app update after I've published?
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Great question! The beauty of our platform is that all the updates you make on line get instantly zapped into your Yapp.

Yapp checks for updates:

  • Every time a user launches Yapp

  • Every time a user resumes using Yapp

  • Every time a user pulls down to refresh a page

  • Every time a user opens a specific app (that's yours)

Most of the time this will be completely invisible to users, meaning they will not receive any notifications. The only time they will be prompted is if they are actively using Yapp when the update comes through. We will prompt the user that there is an updated and ask them if they want to reload, as shown below:

If you want your users to see a push notification when there is an update, we recommend that you post to your announcements page. That will send a notification to all of your users' phone home screens and they will open the app to receive the new information.

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