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How can I view a Yapp app on my phone or tablet?
How can I view a Yapp app on my phone or tablet?
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Glad you asked!

If you were invited to view a Yapp created by someone else, they should have given you a link that begins with (like this one:

If you received the link:

  • Tap or input it into your mobile browser on your iOS or Android device 

  • You'll be directed to your app store to download Yapp, if you don't already have it on your device.

  • Once Yapp is downloaded, open it. Tap the "Download An Existing App" button and the app will install automatically.

You can also manually enter the app's Yapp ID by hitting the "+" button on the top right of the app after Installing Yapp.

If you didn't receive the link, please contact the organizer and they'll provide it to you.

Did you create the app? Then you can use either of these methods to preview, or you can log in. All the apps you've created will show up there.


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