** This setting is now deprecated. We have sunset our Crowd Pics and News Feed pages for our improved Social Feed page. Please see information on how to control your social feed pages default push notification settings here. ** 

As the app's admin, you can set the default for notifications users get for your app. To do so, go to the gear icon on your app's card and select "settings & privacy."  Once there, you can choose your default notification level.

 Here is what the different settings mean:

All Activity: this alerts you any time anything is posted into News Feed or Crowd Pics.

Creator's Notifications: this only alerts you when the creator of the app posts into News Feed or Crowd Pics, or when they broadcast a post.

None: this turns off all alerts; you will not receive any notification when someone posts into News Feed or Crowd Pics, or when a creator broadcasts a post.

Read more about sending push notifications and push notification settings on mobile.

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