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Poll Page

Ask your users simple questions and gather helpful feedback

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The Poll page allows you to post a simple question for users to submit an anonymous answer. You can use it for opinion surveys and simple voting. The creator can respond from the web editor once the app is created and/or on the phone, while users can respond only from the app on a mobile device (and not the web preview).

How to setup a poll

  1. Click 'Add Pages' in the left sidebar

  2. Select 'Poll' then click 'Add Page'. You now have a poll page!

  3. Click 'Edit' to pose your question and supply as many answer options as are necessary.

  4. Click 'Done'

  5. πŸŽ‰ Your poll is now setup!

How voting works

As the creator, you can vote from the editor. When you click an option, you'll see a checkmark appear to mark it. Then click 'Submit' to count your answer. Once you've voted, you'll see the Results page with a percentage tally.

Any user who has installed your app will be able to follow the same experience. You, as the admin, can check the poll answers from your phone or the editor.

😩 Limitations

  • Currently, you can only have one poll per page. We have plans to support more than one in the future, but we do not have a timetable yet.

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